What did Jesus teach and do?

A day in the life of Kaisong

Jesus did many miracles, miracles which were an integral part of His ministry. But second to the fact that He was completely obedient and had loved all the people He came into contact with.

When looking at the baptism of Jesus, the moment when Jesus was empowered to do all these miracles, the moment when Jesus received power through the Holy Spirit.

Q.1 What did He do? And what are we inclined to do?

Our first response would be to begin moving in the power of the Spirit, casting out demons, performing miracles, completely abusing the power of God, showing what it is we can do. Jesus on the other hand went into the desert for 40 days to fast and pray, why? Because He was led into the desert to fast and pray.

A Day in the Life of Evalina

Everything Jesus did was out of obedience, “He only did what the father told Him to do.” Working outside of His Fathers command would mean sin, transgressing that what he was actually called to do. More than power, more than baptism in the Holy Spirit, complete obedience to God is required. Interesting that although Christ came to set us free, He never came to make us lawless, but required that we are completely obedient to God, in Matt 28:19-20, we are commanded to teach others to obey God, therefore we are required to be obedient ourselves.

So we have just gone through the previous section that if we love Him we will obey His commands.

And out of this love we touch the lives of those around us.

Jesus was not able to teach or preach or even heal the sick without the Spirit; but with the Spirit He was able to:

  • Heal the Sick
  • Cast out Demons
  • Preach the gospel
  • Teach the truth

Jesus’ disciples were empowered to do the same things and greater than what Jesus was doing. All He had done taught them how to do it. All that He did was also recorded for us in order to show us what we are able to do in the Spirit of God.

But of what use is it that we operate in such amazing power, but use it and abuse it for our own good, without complete obedience to God and love for the people we are ministering to?

A day in the life of Tabuzai

Everything that Jesus did and taught stemmed from obedience to God and love for His people, everything that we do and teach needs to stem from obedience to God and love for His people. 

The lives of these three people in these video’s are who we are called to love, and they are whats happening in the world out there. Reality is not what is found on TV, but what is found in real life. We have to be obedient and love those who k=no one wants to love.

God Bless,



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