Isa’ the Muslim Jesus

By Dr Mark Durie I came across this post, it is quite lengthy, but explains incredibly the difference between the Muslim Isa' (Jesus) and the Christian Jesus. Enjoy reading 🙂   "The word Christian is not a valid word, for there is no religion of Christianity according to Islam". — Today we increasingly hear…Read more Isa’ the Muslim Jesus


Four things to learn from the Transfiguration

Introduction This passage (Luke 9:28-36) is set between two incredible moments. Peter’s confession of Christ – a confession that cannot be his own but something the Father reveals to him. The healing of a demon possessed boy – a boy whom the disciples couldn’t deliver. Jesus on the mountain takes up three disciples with Him;…Read more Four things to learn from the Transfiguration

Understanding the Flood

Looking at the flood in relation to Christ and God’s preservation of His promise in Genesis 3. I was reading through something the other day and it began to unfold for me like one of the moments when God just opens your understanding. It is important to know that this is not a fact, but rather…Read more Understanding the Flood

Is Serving Enough?

I have been troubled with the question: Is Serving enough? When I read Luke 22:7-38, I astounded at how the disciples responded to Jesus at their last supper, where he was letting them know that His time had now come. I find one response all the way in verse 23, “They began to question themselves…Read more Is Serving Enough?

Humility: Men and Women of a Great God

Humility is a funny thing, once you think you’ve got it, you’ve lost it. I hear all the time about what great men and women of God there are, even in our day and time. People saying they want to be great men and women of God, I have personally had a few people tell…Read more Humility: Men and Women of a Great God

Aaron Welch: The Yokes on you “Slavery to Sin or Freedom in Christ”

God has really been speaking to me lately. Yes, really. Amazing as it sounds for a man who has been a Christian for 31 years, I am just now learning that God still speaks to us, if we will only listen. For years, I don’t think I fully believed this…..that we could really hear the…Read more Aaron Welch: The Yokes on you “Slavery to Sin or Freedom in Christ”